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Knee Osteoarthritis Study

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Here at RegeneSpine, we know how much pain can affect your life and relationships.


Personalized Stem Cell Study: Knee Osteoarthritis

Your cells for your knee. Extra stem cells stored for the future. Cells quality tested before injection. FDA approved clinical trial.

This clinical trial provides stem cells from a small lipoaspiration sample of your fat. The fat is collected by the physician and shipped to an FDA-inspected laboratory. The stem cells are tested for sterility and other quality tests. Then the cells are shipped back to the clinic for injection into your knee. This study includes physical examinations and X-rays, blood and urine tests, knee pain and function evaluations. Study length is three months with follow-up call at 6 and 12 months.

General Qualifications for Eligibility

  • Knee pain for at least 3 months
  • 18-80 years old
  • No active cancer, infection, immune diseases
  • Not regular smoker
  • Conservative therapy failed after 6 weeks
  • Generally good health other than osteoarthritis
  • Study is partially patient-funded with a cost of $8,900 which covers the costs for liposuction and the storage of your extra stem cells for one year. (long term storage available at extra charge)

If you qualify you will receive the investigational drug injection (or a control injection) at no charge to you.

  • Participation in the study is completely voluntary, and you may be compensated for your time.
  • Contacting us to learn more about the study does not obligate you to participate.