Discseel – A New Treatment for Chronic Low Back Pain Introduced in Morris County by Dr. Stephen Roman

Treatment for Chronic Low Back Pain Introduced

Discseel – A New Treatment for Chronic Low Back Pain Introduced in Morris County by Dr. Stephen Roman

Dr. Stephen Roman, a renowned specialist and head of RegeneSpine Regenerative Spine and Joint Institute, was recently interviewed by Parsippany Focus Magazine, discussing a groundbreaking treatment for chronic low back pain now available to residents of Morris County. In the interview, Dr. Roman introduced Discseel, a patented, non-surgical procedure designed to address the underlying cause of many low back pain cases—disc tears.

“Discseel represents a significant advancement in the treatment of low back pain,” Dr. Roman explained. 

Unlike traditional treatments which often fail to target disc tears directly, Discseel uses a biologically-based glue called fibrin to seal these tears, offering hope to patients who have exhausted other medical options. This minimally invasive procedure is performed under X-ray guidance.

Dr. Roman emphasized that the treatment could benefit a wide range of patients, including those with persistent pain post-back surgery. Most patients experience significant pain relief, with improvements generally starting several weeks post-treatment. The recovery process involves gentle, progressive increases in physical activity, tailored to each patient’s capabilities.

Residents of Morris County interested in Discseel can visit RegeneSpine’s new office in Parsippany for a consultation. This innovative treatment is a promising option for those seeking alternatives to more invasive surgical interventions.

To learn more about Discseel or to schedule an appointment, visit RegeneSpine at one of Our locations.  Contact us on our website: regenespine.com/contact-us. or call 888-352-3038. 

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Frank: Dr. Roman, welcome back to Parsippany Focus! 
Steve: Thank you, Frank! I love the publication and I’m glad to be back.
F: Please tell us about this new treatment for chronic low back pain.
S: We are now offering a new treatment called Discseel.
F: What is Discseel and how is it different from treatments currently available?
S: It turns out that disc tears are the cause of many cases of low back pain, and until now, treatments were not geared toward treating these tears. The Discseel procedure identifies and addresses these tears. This minimally invasive non-surgical procedure involves performing an annulogram under x-ray guidance to identify disc tears. If tears are found, they are then sealed with a biologic glue called fibrin.
F: Who is this for?
S: Patients with chronic low back pain, which may or may not involve leg pain or sciatica. Even patients who have already had back surgery, including fusion surgery may be candidates.
F: How effective is it? 
S: Most patients report significant improvement in pain. Improvement in symptoms usually begins after several weeks.
F: What is the recovery like? 
S: We recommend patients walk daily and increasing their exercise routine 10% at a time until they are able to reach their desired level of activity.
F: How do patients know if they are a candidate for this procedure?
S: They can stop by for a consultation at one of our offices, including our newest office, right here in Parsippany.
F: Thanks Dr. Roman 

S: Thank you Frank. It’s great to see you again!