A Revolution in Spine Care Comes to Morris County

A Revolution in Spine Care Comes to Morris County

In February of 2019 with the opening of RegeneSpine at 197 Ridgedale Avenue, Suite 210, in Cedar Knolls, comes a new approach to treating patients who are suffering from painful spine and joint conditions.

Dr. Stephen J. Roman, a triple board certified Medical Doctor, having been a senior partner for 15 years with Trenton Orthopedic Group, is the Medical Director of the RegeneSpine, Regenerative Spine and Joint Institute. According to Dr. Roman “The use of regenerative medicine in the treatment of spine and other musculoskeletal conditions is a paradigm shift. We once had to rely on the tools available to us such as steroids, addictive medications, and surgery. With the advent of regenerative medicine we can now use a patients’ own cells for healing.”

Dr Roman utilizes techniques including the use of patient’s own blood products such as platelet rich plasma (PRP). He is also making use of patients’ own fat for the treatment of arthritis as well as patients’ bone marrow which includes mesenchymal stem cells. He reports that he prefers to offer patients minimally invasive treatments prior to considering more invasive or surgical procedures.

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To determine if you are a candidate for these new regenerative cell-based therapies, click here or contact RegeneSpine at (973) 387-1044.